Huntsville Botanical Gardens

Hey Friends!! So last weekend, my boyfriend and I decided to take a weekend trip to Huntsville, AL. to celebrate my 21st birthday. We had such a fun time exploring a city that we've driven through many times before. We've even stayed in Huntsville this past year, but we went on new adventures this time. … Continue reading Huntsville Botanical Gardens

Winter turns to Spring

Hello friends! So for the first time in my life I have started planting flowers. This would be great if the weather stayed above 32°! My yellow tulips died within the first week of being planted.. luckily, they're starting to bloom and the weather seems to be staying in the 40s and above for the … Continue reading Winter turns to Spring

Cold Spring Days

Hello friends!! This weekend I went out to the lake and enjoyed my little slice of home. I'm from Florida and northern Mississippi doesn't have any beaches, so coming out to the lake is exactly what I need when I want to get away but can't drive the 14 hours back home. As you can … Continue reading Cold Spring Days