Farms, Sunflowers, Summer

Hello Friends!   Anyone who knows me knows that one of my favorite flowers is a sunflower. There's something about how they follow the sun that makes me love them even more. The best part is that down the road a little ways from my house is a place called Farmer Mike's U-Pick. Depending on … Continue reading Farms, Sunflowers, Summer

Huntsville Pt. 2 & Update on Life

  Hello!! I'm sorry that it's been a while since my last post.. my computer broke and I had to take it to get fixed. On the bright side, I have it up now and I'm back for good! A few weeks ago I went to Huntsville, AL., as you may know. These are a … Continue reading Huntsville Pt. 2 & Update on Life

Huntsville Botanical Gardens

Hey Friends!! So last weekend, my boyfriend and I decided to take a weekend trip to Huntsville, AL. to celebrate my 21st birthday. We had such a fun time exploring a city that we've driven through many times before. We've even stayed in Huntsville this past year, but we went on new adventures this time. … Continue reading Huntsville Botanical Gardens

College Girls Guide to Working Out

Hello Friends!   Being in college, it is hard to get myself to workout all the time. It's easy for me to lay in bed and watch White Collar or Grey's Anatomy while eating my weight in chips and salsa or Sweet Loren's GF chocolate chip cookies (get them, you won't regret it). I know that's … Continue reading College Girls Guide to Working Out

Winter turns to Spring

Hello friends! So for the first time in my life I have started planting flowers. This would be great if the weather stayed above 32°! My yellow tulips died within the first week of being planted.. luckily, they're starting to bloom and the weather seems to be staying in the 40s and above for the … Continue reading Winter turns to Spring

Cold Spring Days

Hello friends!! This weekend I went out to the lake and enjoyed my little slice of home. I'm from Florida and northern Mississippi doesn't have any beaches, so coming out to the lake is exactly what I need when I want to get away but can't drive the 14 hours back home. As you can … Continue reading Cold Spring Days

Rainy Day Look

Hey y'all! I know you've seen this look a few times before, but I wanted to show you where everything is from! Now normally, if it were raining really hard, I'd be wearing my Hunter boots.. I probably wouldn't wear these shoes in the rain but I didn't plan accordingly🙈 oh well.. can't wait to show … Continue reading Rainy Day Look