How Nick and I Met

Hey y’all!

I have been wanting to post this for a while because I post pictures with my boyfriend, Nick, sometimes and I want you to know who he is and how we met! So, here we go!

Backstory: My best friend, Makena, lives in a small town on the boarder of Tennessee, Alabama, and Mississippi (10 minutes from Nick’s house). Her dad is an amazing artist and he was doing a live painting at their church the weekend before summer classes started. Makena’s younger sister’s boyfriend is good friends with Nick.. so, did you get all that?

Our story (from my point of view):

I left my house in Oxford, MS. after unpacking from my move back to school. I was headed to Pickwick, TN. to see Makena’s dad paint. He started painting on Friday when I got up there and he continued through Saturday. Since my summer classes didn’t start until Monday, I decided to stay with her family until after church on Sunday morning. I got to church with Makena and her sister as the service began. Her sister got a text from her boyfriend saying that he and his friends were going to come down from the upper seating to join us. Within a few minutes, 3 guys came to fill the seats next to us. I said hello, but I didn’t say much else since I was focused on the hymnal we were singing. Nick likes to remember that I ignored him, which I didn’t! I said hello! (honestly, I expected them to be the same age as Makena’s sister who is 2 years younger than Makena and I, so I didn’t feel the need to think anything more about them🙈

Fast forward to after church: It is a tradition to go eat Mexican food after church. This holds true for Makena and Nick’s family (for the most part). Anyways, we got to the Mexican restaurant and I kept wanting to look at Nick for some reason. **I thought it was a little weird because in my mind, he was a freshman in college. I know that you may think that’s normal, and to some it could be, but I like to date older guys. That’s why it was a little shocking that I wished he’d sat next to me** So, we ate our food and start heading towards our cars to go home. I knew that it was time for me to go home because I had a two hour long drive back to school and it was my first day of class the following morning. But I know you know it doesn’t end there…

As I got to my car, Nick and Trase (Makena’s sister’s boyfriend) decided that they needed to persuade me into going on the boat with them after lunch. They went on and on, but I wouldn’t budge **even though I really wanted to say yes**. Eventually, (after about ten minutes of begging) they said “well if you were going to leave, you would have left by now.” Dang it. They were right. So I drove my car to Makena’s house to put on a bathing suit and get ready with everyone. “I’m only going to stay for a little while” I decided, and repeated (numerous times). While were were at the house getting ready, I found out that Nick was actually my age, even a few months older. That’s when I stopped looking at him as they young freshman friend, and started noticing how handsome he was.. funny how that works! 😉

When we get to the boat we start joking around with one another and had an instant connection. We sat next to each other almost the entire time and it felt like we were old friends. There was even one time when he tried to push me in but I grabbed his arm so hard that he came in with me. It was a hot summer day, but the water was refreshing. I didn’t want the day to end. At one point I noticed that he was on Snapchat, so I said we should be friends (I was feeling fearless), so we exchanged usernames. This came in handy later on.

When we got back to the dock,  we had to figure out the driving situation. As people started jumping in their cars, I noticed Nick had come with his friend who had already left. That’s when Makena yelled “Nick, you’re riding with Maddie!” uhhhh…. what?? I started getting nervous and I’m sure my face turned bright red. What was I supposed to talk to him about for the 15 minute ride home? I was a good DJ (I liked to think haha), but what if he didn’t like my music or what if we had nothing to talk about? We got in the car and my nerves overtook me. Funny enough, I could NOT stop talking. I was so nervous that we wouldn’t talk, that I just rambled the ENTIRE time. I don’t even know what I talked about! Yikes. Luckily, I found out later on that he thought it was cute, but it was a mess haha

We got back to the house and ate dinner (remember how I was supposed to leave after church? yeah, that didn’t happen). Then, we decided to play Catch Phrase and Quiplash. For anyone who hasn’t played those game, you need to because they’re really fun! We sat together and laughed and had the best time. I finally decided that it was time to go home around 9:30. I said my goodbye’s and Nick started to head out too. We said goodbye and he gave me an awkward side hug (he still kicks himself for doing that😁.)

As I’m driving back to Oxford, he followed me down the road until he had to get off on his street. That’s when I saw what I thought was an opossum, in the middle of the road. I immediately messaged him on Snapchat saying “Did you see that??” He asked what I saw and then I told him. He laughed and said he didn’t. Don’t ask me how, but I accidentally said an opossum when I meant an armadillo. Sorry, this Florida girl isn’t used to exotic creatures 😉 just alligators and panthers.. maybe some sea turtles and manatees too. The drive went on and we continued to talk. He wanted to make sure that I got home alright, so he insisted that I text him as soon as I got home. I did, but he was already asleep.

The next morning I woke up bright and early and went to my 8am Calculus class. Bad idea. Don’t take a 2 week summer Calculus class. It never ends well..

As I’m sitting there, I got lost pretty quickly. My mind was still thinking about the guy I had met the previous day. That’s when I noticed my phone light up. About 30 minutes into class, I saw a text telling me good morning. This made me smile because I was so excited! We talk for days until he came to visit Oxford the following weekend. Things went so well that we’ve spoken every day since. He asked me to be his girlfriend two weeks later and told me he loved me a week after that! Pretty soon, but when you know, you know!

I know this was a long one, but that is Nick and I’s story of how we met! If you have any questions, feel free to comment or email me 🙂



1 Corinthians 13:13: “And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love.”

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