Let’s Talk- Better Beauty

Hello Friends,


So let’s talk.

As I’ve grown older, taking care of my skin and body have become a priority to me. It is important to take care of ourselves even at a young age, because eventually bad habits can catch up to us. Before I knew I was doing anything wrong, I would use harmful chemicals to wash my face with or use as makeup. Why wouldn’t I though? I didn’t know any better. So what changed?

A few years ago I learned about a company called Beautycounter. They use nontoxic formulas in all of their products in order to ensure that our skin is taken care of. Beautycounter is not the only company that produces non-toxic products, but it’s the company that my family and I use the most.


Im sure you have questions, so I came up with a few that you may have:

Q: I’m in college and on a college budget so I can’t buy all new products. What do I do?

A: A lot of healthy and clean products can be found in your kitchen!

I realize that most college students aren’t able to buy all new non-toxic products, so just a few small changes are a great start. Below is a list of everyday products that you can use as a substitute for harmful ingredients in toxic products.

My advice is that you should buy just a couple nice products at a time. You don’t need to change your product routine all at once. Even one swap at a time is better that nothing!


Q: Why does healthy living matter?

A: It is important to have a good foundation in terms of healthy living because it can help prevent a lot of health conditions later in life. The FDA only regulates 30 chemicals from the market of nearly 100,000 chemicals. In addition, a lot of these chemical have not been tested on humans. The best thing we can do for our bodies is to avoid using these products all together.


Q: Will using non-toxic products prevent cancer and other diseases?

A: To put it simply, no, they will not. However, it will reduce the amount of environmental toxins which will lead to a cleaner and healthier life. This means that you are able to do everything you can to help prevent them.


Q: How do I know if my beauty products have toxins in them?

A: Good question. Here’s a picture of common toxic chemicals that well know companies use. Some of these products you may be using every day. You can also use apps to check as well. Think Dirty and EWG Healthy Living are two of my most used apps for this.



****If you have any more questions, email or DM me! You can also comment on this post!****




P.S. I will be writing a post about my safe makeup routine soon!


Beautycounter: click here to shop. I have the Protect All Over Sunscreen, Countersun Mineral Sunscreen, and Protect Stick Sunscreen (for my face).

Bathing suit: exact here and only $14!!

Sunglasses: exact here (mine are polarized)

Shoes: similar here

Cowboy hat: similar here and here

Speaker: exact here *I bring this speaker to the beach or pool every time I go! It’s splash proof and good quality*

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