Cold Spring Days

Hello friends!!

This weekend I went out to the lake and enjoyed my little slice of home. I’m from Florida and northern Mississippi doesn’t have any beaches, so coming out to the lake is exactly what I need when I want to get away but can’t drive the 14 hours back home.

As you can tell by my cut off shirt and cardigan, the weather has been doing its own thing this year. It has been in the 30’s one day to the 80’s the next, and back. I love cooler weather but I’d also like some consistency lol it is April and this morning was 39°.. I can’t wait to be able to wear shorts!!

More to come!










Shirt: exact here, also comes in a tshirt

Cardigan: exact (and on sale!) here // also comes in 3 other colors!

Jeans: Similar here and here

Shoes: here, also comes in black

Earrings: sold out, similar here and here

Necklace: exact here

Purse: exact here (and on sale for under $100!) // similar here and here

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